Debbie Bourne Software Developer, Scuba Diver, Lover of Cheese

Before discovering a passion for code, I earned a Masters in Forensic Psychology and enjoyed a previous career in historic site administration. I am constantly looking for ways to develop myself personally and professionally, and absolutely love interacting with our complicated world. I enjoy administration and strive for efficiency, organization, and harmony in organizations I'm a part of. I am excited to bring these passions and interests to coding and to a my future employer.

I've completed a full stack programming boot camp at Nashville Software School which gave me the opportunity to work full time with code in both individual and group coding environments. I enjoy combining these skills with my unique blend of psychology, history, and former administration background to create great code that is meaningful to people. I look forward to helping an employer achieve their goals, continuing to grow as a developer, and creating applications that help improve the lives of people.


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